An In Depth Study About Aging Skin

Aging skin is more easily stretched due to a decrease in elastin fibers. The skin becomes a less-effective barrier against water loss, bruising, and infection. Thermoregulation is impaired and there is decreased tactile sensitivity and pain perception.

Blood vessels become thinner and more fragile, leading to the appearance of hemorrhaging known as senile purpura. It is primarily caused by, well? But that?s not the only cause. Aging skin is a natural process of life and is primarily genetically and hormonally triggered but is also exacerbated by the environment and lifestyle. Environmental damage is primarily man-made pollutants that surround us in the atmosphere we experience daily.

Aging skin is characterized by a dry, firmless and wrinkled appearance. All efforts have long been made in vain to find a substance in skin that might be an etiological factor for skin to manifest those changes in its appearance. Aging skin is also more likely to develop a variety of benign and pre-cancerous growths, such as seborrheic and actinic keratoses. Seborrheic keratoses often have a rough, brown appearance, and look like a wart. It is similar to dry skin. It also becomes slack.

Aging skin is more vulnerable to skin cancer, infections, and other skin diseases so extra maintenance and care is often necessary. Deep wrinkles can form just from excessive sun exposure, and sun spots and some forms of skin cancer are very common. It is probably the only skin condition that neither of us can avoid. As many people are aware, what goes inside will show on the outside. Aging skin is dry and sensitive. Strong ingredients in facial cleansers and astringents may aggravate the skin?s condition.

It is caused by both genetics and lifestyle choices. All skin has a predetermined aging process that can be accelerated through lifestyle choices. Aging skin is inevitable but skin exposed to the sun will cause appearance of wrinkles and brown spots associated with aging. In natural aging, skin loses its youthful appearance by becoming thinner, laxer and more finely wrinkled.

Anti aging skin care is about protecting your skin from the negative effects of aging process. Anti aging skin care helps in maintaining a young and fresh look for a longer period of time. Avotone is a anti-aging wrinkle cream which gets results. Anti aging skin care is a number one priority for many women today. Giving you back your youthful look and your perceived lost beauty is the main aim of many well known cosmetic companies.

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