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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain: Suggestions for Relieving Pain and Avoiding It


Shoulder pain is a very usual complaint, and there are a lot of basic reasons for this trouble.

What can be done for me to eliminate the pain?

Treatment should take away your pain and assist you in bringing back your shoulder to the way it usually functions.

* Pain relief tactics consist of light rest (you are allowed and are supposed to move your shoulder, but don’t do any hard activities — such as picking up heavy items or participating in tennis).
* Ice bags and heating pads are part of the most frequently applied remedies for shoulder pain.
* Muscle and tendon stretches.
* Anti-inflammatory medicine
* Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine for pain. Ibuprofen might assist with decreasing inflammation and pain
* Injections of Cortisone
* Resting and less activity

When do I need to phone the doctor?

* Not being able to lift items or use arm
* An injury that deforms the joint
* Shoulder pain that happens in the nighttime or when sleeping
* Shoulder pain that lingers after several days
* Not being able to move the arm in an upward position
* Puffiness or a large bruise in the joint or arm area
* Symptoms of being infected, like fever, redness, and feeling warm
* Any other strange symptoms


Being treated basically consists of making changes in activities, getting rest, and physical therapy to assist you to strengthen your shoulder and be more flexible. A prescription of medicine might be given to decrease the inflammation and lessen the pain. If a prescription is given for medicine to take away the pain, it should be used only as instructed. Drug injections might also be given as a pain treatment.

An operation might be needed to cure shoulder trouble; but, 90% of patients who have shoulder pain will be helped by easy remedies like changing activity, resting, exercising, and taking medicine. Specific kinds of shoulder trouble, like a repeat dislocation and some kinds of rotator cuff rips might require an operation.

How will I know if my rotator cuff is injured?

When the rotator cuff is associated, pain is commonly felt in the front of the shoulder or on the outside of the shoulder. This pain usually becomes worse when you lift up your arm or hold something over your head. This pain could be severe enough to prevent you from accomplishing even the easiest tasks. Nighttime pain is usual, and it might be severe enough to keep you awake.

The rotator cuff is a bundle of muscles and connected tendons that hold together and allow the glenoid and the humerus to be mobile. It is made up of muscles called the supraspinatous, infraspinatous, subscapularis, and the teres minor.

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