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Intuitive Services

Angel Reading

60-70 minutes           44.00

An intuitive reading which covers basic information regarding your life right now, as well as past, present and future guidance. Energy healing and unique messages for you.

extra time: (any reading over 70 minutes)

Additional 20 minutes or thereafter – $20.00 

 Many angels, guides, acendant masters, goddesses, deceased loved ones and animal totems are excited to communicate with you and often 70 minues just touches the suface (and sometimes that is more than enough!) If the reading goes over, (at your decision)Margo charges acordingly.     

Mediumship reading 60 minutes   74.00

We all have loving spirits around us constantly, whom reside on “The other side” this is a specific reading which allows me to communicate messages from your passed on loved ones, pets and anyone else you may want to hear from in heaven!

                 “Between Realms”                                 1.5hr- 2 hr Healing session.

Mediumship/Angel Reading/Energy            healing, spiritual counseling. ++  


By far the most powerful and specific guidance. Powerful energy and karmic releasing included. * recommended time for the most impact* Usualy includes Crystal and color healing, vibrational tuning and more.

                                       Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy intro session:          33.00

A look into any issues which may be holding you back from your very best. Includes initial consultation to determine if further sessions are needed. A nice way to lift your mood any time. 45min-60 min

Hypnotherapy specific session       44.00

Hypnotherapy for breaking habits, regression for healing past, or progression for seeing future and present health or life issues of any kind ! Profoundly specific and functional healing on subconscious and conscious levels. 50-60 Min’s

 NLP                                                     20.00

A powerful and efficient way to release old patterns of negative emotion. Gets to the source and provides a positive replacement for handling future issues. Various sessions sometimes needed.

Six Pack:                                             $499.00

Six consecutive sessions recommended for specific situations and issues. Will powerfully transform your life, habits and thought patterns. Often combines NLP and Hypnotherapy for best results.

    Spa services

Senses signature massages™   

Each massage has been thoughtfully created for specific and profound results.  Ancient techniques combined with channeled wisdom.   SEE descriptions.

River Flow Massage™        60 min          $99.00  

Taste of the orient™                 60 min        $99.00                                                                                                            India- I-AM ™                        80 min     33.00  

Kundalini Rising™               90 min      37.00

Angel Massage™                 90 min        44.00

  “Divine intention and intervention at its best”

                50 minute massage

A perfect combination of Swedish, therapeutic, and lo-mi – lomi , guarantees ultimate relaxation for tired muscles with moist heat for best results. 55 min                             Aromas used (optional)

                   NOW ONLY  $79.00    


The Facial bar™ 

A whole new concept to facials!        

You will be given a unique consultation to target your goals and needs. Senses skin care alchemist determines your organic, plant based recipe, and mixes your treatment fresh on the spot with the most high quality, oils, bases and emollients on the market ! This will be the most relaxing, rejuvenating facial you have experienced, or your money back!

50 minute basic design      NOW!           $69.00

80 minute basic design                          $99.00

      add miracle mask (add 10 min): $22.00  

Margo uses face mapping, face tapping, and meridian point pressure release which has been proven to improve cellular function, reduce appearance of aging and fine lines as well as release blockages in your body. 

 Every facial includes 5 minute back                   massage, hand, arm and scalp                 massage.          

        Some include foot treatment. 

New skin co-coon™                 90 minutes

A practiced technique ensures nurturing comfort and relaxation, with promised benefits: renewed, soft silky hydrated skin and ample detoxification with vitamin replacement. Includes mini facial, luxurious exfoliation, co-coon wrap, scalp and foot massage and  a relaxing 30 minute massage to send you back to life brand new!                                   

see descriptions for OPTIONS    *  44.00

60 minutes available                                $   90.00

Anti-cellulite   Aloe hydration  Chocolate            Algae or Mud        Arabic oils                 Calcium & magnesium for psoriasis                      Native Mountain Herbs                             Mayan and Egyptian recipes

         Senses Hand and foot rituals™

               Again never ordinary!              * Includes spa snack

Specifically designed with extra touches,  a step above a Spa pedicure or Spa manicure with extra time for extra pampering .Perfect on a winter day! hot stones, warm wax, reflexology massage, color soak, exfoliation, warm towels, polish and more!  

90 minute foot ritual special price!                * $99.00

60 minute hand ritual                            * $49.00

                       *Includes spa snack

Not so Basic manicure                            $40.00

Not so basic pedicure                             $65.00

add paraffin                                             0.00

Spa Rituals

The 5 Elements Ritual™                      Blessings from planet earth!              

                                                   This ritual combined with massage, is inspired by the ancient wisdom of Native American shamanism. This five step ritual uniquely works with each element, Earth, Air, Water and Fire, connecting you  to spirit. The lost element found! You are asked to leave your fears, and doubts behind and release your desires to the universe, for transmutation and quick delivery! Includes, grounding ritual, shamanic ritual with smudging, full body exfoliation, specific massage and more. Promises to rejuvenate and welcome new growth. 

110 minutes                                   77.00

” The 5 elements ritual has given me the ‘auric’ renewal that I needed to move past my current blocks in life, I feel completely rejuvenated and definitely recommend Margo, and her treatments.”  Elena Simmons

                                                    Balance ME™                                 The way we are meant to be

Bring back balance! Unwind and let it all go with a therapeutic Hindu foot ritual, crystal point reflexology massage and warm stones. Float into a comfy,lush warm bed, your mind quiet as you receive a Chinese meridian facial and scalp massage, gracefully followed by a River Flow™ OR Taste of the Orient™ massage.

Spa snack included

2.5 hours                                              $ 222.00

‘WOW, her hands have healing powers that are transferred I feel so gooood” Tamara

Angels Awaken ™                                  Allow heaven in  

The angels gently remind you of a place you may have forgotten! Open to this heavenly journey with an intuitive Angel Reading™ Unwind and release everything with guided breath work, aromatherapy, color and crystal therapy, journey through sounds of peaceful realms, fly to a place you surely will not want to forget! You are gently massaged as your body dances like warm wax, connecting and re-aligning you to soul space. Finishing with warm oils drizzled over your for head, as an “unknown, angelic inspired” head and face massage awakens your own intuition, divine wisdom and guidance from the heavens.“You are perfect, whole and complete” Doreen Virtue quote.

Includes Raw food spa snack

2.5 hours                                      $244.00

” This was the most relaxing and powerful experience I have ever had during a massage, Margo is one of the most powerful therapists I have met. Her hands are magical. Thank-you! I feel wonderful and ready to face life again” Shelly Ann Loring

Spirit Dance™                                                 Trans formative metamorphose

Clean, clear, re-newed energy centers!          A unique body response test will determine the area of focus, followed by a variety of ancient healing techniques. Including stimulating release massage.Wisdom taps out emotional blocks, as a mixture of  mountain herbs, dead sea salt, crystal flakes and Shea butter scrubs away “old stuff”. A warm mix of Egyptian clays, sea algae and a potent mix of minerals and vitamins are applied to every area of your body as you are tightly wrapped in a co-coon of good things! Your intuitive therapist clears you energetically, followed by a grounding ritual and nourishing foot masque. Unwrap, and let it out! A unique application of decadent body butters are applied with gentle, yet stimulating massage. 

Includes spa snack.  

2 hours                                              88.00.

 ” I have never experienced a body treatment where I didn’t feel like a zoo animal under a hose! This was so relaxing, professional and well done, with a result far beyond my expectations, I will be back I feel like new!”  Gemera Toyle                  

These rituals, as a series of four, are intuitively created and when combined over a series of days, will  literally”re-vamp” the energetic systems of your body. Incredibly, individual experiences have  lead to fascinating new growth, renewed outlook and happier healthier days! After all, life is meant to be bliss-full! A beautiful gift from all that is real, true, and good for your soul!

$900.00 dollar value! the 4 series is offered for $777.00 plus one FREE service of your choice to compliment.

Must be used by same person, minor restrictions 

Spirit & SOUL Packages  


Heart And Soul Couples Romance
1/2 Spa day

Spa day

5 petals retreat Facial pack
Skiers Promotion 2GOOD2be true

Aesthetics with Angelic touch


Gentle, fast, and ingrown hair free!

Brows and Lashes

Details! Details! Details!









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