Just like coffee and beer

There are moments in our lives which we perceive and recognize as being pinnacle high-points, despite its simplicity and normality.

After working a very long shift at work, my boyfriend and I will usually go straight to our local watering hole, smelly in our work outfits and too tired to complete sentences enough for a conversation with each other. There’s generally nothing particularly exciting going on around us as we are surrounded by all the other local bar flies and served by one of the same bartenders who pours us each our usual tap. As we stare droopy-eyed at the wall and lift our beers to our lips for that first taste, something magical happens. I can’t even explain the celebration happening in my body at that moment, but that beer, no matter how many times I have drank it before, becomes the best beer to have ever passed my lips. Now, this can’t be just a tiny sip, oh no, for once that first taste is over, that magic subsides and that beer suddenly becomes normal again, so this first magical sip must be savored and enjoyed as long as possible.

Sleepy mornings in the summer are the best, the ones where I don’t have to even think about getting out of bed until I just feel like it. With my hair tussled and donning some baggy shirt, I make my way to my balcony, with my kitty and a fresh cup of coffee. Now, I’ve become a little picky over the years about my coffee, my palette becoming much more mature and refined, so through trial and error, I have found the perfect coffee bean: a dark roast, but low acidity so that its bold and smooth. Most times I drink this coffee in my travel mug in a car on my way to work in order to attempt to open my eyes before my boss sees me. But on my sleepy mornings, I get to pour it slowly into my favorite mug, stir in some milk in no hurry whatsoever. Once settled onto my balcony, surrounded by the sound of birds, the sun warming my toes, and the smells of my gardens, I finally indulge in that first sip of coffee, and it is nothing short of absolute bliss.

Going to my local bar for a good time or drinking coffee are very normal things, and I don’t tend to think too much about them most of the time, but sometimes these normal activities seem perfect and memorable.

Recently, I lost a dear friend of ours the night before I was honoring my best friend as a bridesmaid in her wedding. It was very difficult to pull myself together that morning, for my heart was heavy with sadness on a day that was to be filled with happiness and love. For the sake of my best friend, I was going to do my best to keep myself together so as not to ruin her big moment. What I never considered and recognized before that day was how much my friends really cared about me. It was just one of those normal things that I grew so used to that I never took the time to truely cherish the abundance of love my friends had for me. That day, everyone was incredibly sympathetic and understanding of what I was going through, even though I felt selfish for grieving. Periodically I would excuse myself to cry, for which my friends would hold me, hug me, bring me tissue, and listen to me until I couldn’t squeeze out another tear in that moment. In general, we are always doing things for one another, so their support was nothing short of normal. However, this was one of those magical times where I truly able to absorb the moment and everything it had to offer, just like the coffee and beer.

I’ve come to enjoy these moments, no matter what circumstance precedes them, for no matter how much impact or how little impact they have, it shapes me into a happier person all together. So, my friends, recognize your coffee and beer moments, and all of those moments that bring you pure joy.

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