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I have a few prayer requests that have to do with my family. Some I can’t go into detail with, and some I can, but I’ll be as specific as possible. I appologize for the improper grammar now. I can’t type long essages and keep my grammar in check. It’s hard for me.

1) My Mom is kinda not feeling too great. She’s on a medication that makes her sick.

2)My mom Broke her leg when she fell off a roof a while ago,and she had to have a bunch of hardware put in her leg. Today she’s in a lot of pain. She was limping around trying to get stuff done, and now she’s out shopping. she won’t just stop and rest.

3) We’re adopting a baby soon, and if my mom isn’t feeling good then, and if her leg doesn’t get better, she’ll have a hard time with the baby. I can help with most of the things the baby will need, but i can’t do it all.

4) My 97 year old grandmother may be coming to live with us around the same time as the adoption of the baby. Once again, if mom doesn’t feel good or can’t walk, we’re goin to have problems. She’s an RN, and worked in a home care agency for, Oh I forget how long, but whatever. If she’s down, none of us will know how to care for Oma. She’s a fragile old lady that needs 24hr care.

5) Mom plans to train me to be able to take care of Oma. that means, taking care of her all day, watching her sleep at night, helping her eat, drink, use the bathroom, shower, dress, and so on. Plus relieving Mom from the baby and the toddler, and keeping up in school, and keeping my job, and trying to keep a bible study of sorts, and a relationship with God going.

Did I mention I have to do this until Oma, ya know, Graduates? And I can’t Die first!!!

6) My stepdad has to support six people on an income that supports only 3 and a half right now. Plus build an addition on our house, and pay off the loan we got to pay for the addition. and keep my mother sane and keep his job and his own sanity too.

7)i have been feeling kinda…bleh lately. When I’m not running like crazy, I’m either depressed or angry. I have a stomach ulcer[Hole in my stomach]. and ulcer is basically caused by stress. Stress causes the immune system to break down. The immune system let’s in some bacteria that i can’t spell, or even pronounce, which heads straight for the stomach. It eats through the mucas lining of the stomach, and starts creating a hole, or numerous holes. if let go long enough, the stomach begins to let in blood, and well, we all know what good a stomach full of blood is…

I don’t know how many i have, but I have at least one good sized ulcer, that kills me. I was on a medication for it that pretty much healed it up, but I’ve been under a lot of strees lately, and for the past week, I have had a lot of stomach pains.

8 ) I have terrible vision, I can’t see over like, 5 ft or sumthin like that. Aywhy, I’ve had a lot of headaches the past week, and mom thinks it could be eye strain. That would mean needing a new perscription for my glasses, and/or contacts. One problem. We don’t have the money. I haven’t been working very much lately, and my parents are just trying to feed the family and get ready for the big espansion. I can’t live with constant headaches, but my family has to eat too.It’s a difficult situation.

9)And last but not least, My dad. I haven’t seen or heard from him in a long time. I just wanna pray that he’s ok. He’s diabetic. I guess that in a case like mine, no news is good news though.

Sorry this was so long, and sorry that a lot of that was about me. Thankx for the prayers if you decide to pray, and thankx for thinking about it and reading this if you don’t.
“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.”

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