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Psalm 14 is a psalm that describes the problems that arise when people don’t believe in God. The psalmist shows the evil, and what God thinks of them.

He starts off by saying that a fool believes that there is no God. The fool believes that there is no God. Having stated this, the Psalmist then describes how the fools have done great evil, much corruption, and many abominable works.

Now, lets look at our culture. We live in a culture that denies the existence of God. The people are corrupt, they have done so much evil. By denying the existence of God, they have removed the consequences for their evil. By denying the existence of God, they have no greater authority than themselves. By denying the existence of God, they have removed any inhibitions to do what THEY want. Denying the existence of God is dangerous and harmful to everybody concerned.

The Psalmist continues, describing how God looked down at the world, to see if anyone seeked God, or if anyone understood. He saw none. Everyone had turned aside.

Does that not sound like our culture today? Sometimes, it seems like we are alone in our striving to be Christian; striving to obey God’s laws.

Now, if the Psalm ended here, it would be bleak. BUT, it does not end.

In the next verse, the wicked are asked if they have no knowledge; if they don’t understand what they are doing in attacking the godly. It says that the wicked will be in fear because God is in the presence of the godly.

God is in the presence of the godly. Is that not reassuring? God is with the godly.

In conclusion, the Psalmist describes how salvation for Israel is coming, and how God will restore the fortunes of His people.

Salvation has come for Israel, and for the rest of the world. It came with the death and resurrection of Jesus. If you have not already accepted Jesus are your savior, and would like to do so, here is how you do it. . If you have any questions or anything like that, post a comment, or send an email.

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