ADHD children, despite normal intelligence, but there are varying degrees of learning difficulties, low achievement.
Focus on the difficulties of such children, not paying attention in class, it can not fully grasp the learning contents, and poor self-control, school and hyperactivity, can not persist in in-depth patient and hard to learn, and even weariness, truancy, with careless , sloppy scribble, while doing homework while playing, not properly completed, test scripts can not be serious, serious impact on the academic or academic good times and bad, volatility is high.
The existence of ADHD children also know dysfunction.Such as auditory, visual understanding of dysfunction.Some children showed inverted reading, anti-write; some children Recognition Word problems.Speech can not be integrated into meaningful words; some children of visual and auditory memory difficulties; some can not distinguish color, about direction, location and so on.In addition, the generalization of such children, understanding abstract thinking than the poor.
ADHD children are not fully learning difficulties.If any good at singing, some good dancing, but learning lessons is the performance of the special “stupid”, but no interest in learning.

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